Ian Michael Davis

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  • Ian Michael Davis: Such a blessing to be selected to speak on this panel for award winning author Mary E. Gilder's book "Even a Man Can Have A Broken Heart". Make sure to order a copy of this book. As a man, I admit, I was hesitant to read it but it made me look introspectively and examine myself in a way I didn't think to before. It's to the point, transparent, and much needed, especially the last male interviewed. His testimony and mentality is one all men have shared at some point in their l...ives. I felt like I was reading about myself at various points in my life. It's composed as an interview from 5 different men with their varying situations and subsequent struggles with love. DEFINITELY A MUST READ FOR MEN AND WOMEN. I was 1 of 6 men speaking and answering questions pertaining to a male's perspective on love and trial and I spit some real about Jesus too. Even got to promote my forthcoming book, "Power of Perspective" with an expected release of March 2016. Great crowd tonight as well. Thank you to Tiera Gilder and the wonderful staff at the Ensemble Theatre for inviting me out. God is so good! — at The Ensemble Theatre Houston.

Danny Leon Sneed Jr.

  • Danny Leon Sneed Jr.:If you're waiting on a miracle, then expect the impossible. Oh Yeah that's the King Kong kinda Faith.-The Encourager *supporting the successful Author Mary Gilder with her daughter Tiera Gilder. 
Cheryl Curry

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  • Cheryl Curry: Thank you, Author Mary E Gilder for a awesome read....... The event on saturday was phenomenal. I really enjoyed your speech on fear love and God ...... I love knowing the heart of a person cause when you know what's in their heart you can truly love them for who they are...... The men who was on the panel Who read the book at the event shared and answered questions in truth and honesty as well as the five men that's. In the book. Powerful book go out and get it.

Simeon L Queen

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  • Simeon L. Queen:Yesterday's Book Signing, Congrats Mrs. Mary Gilder on your new was a great event, shoutout to your daughter Tiera Gilder for organizing such a wonderful time....I also received the pleasure of kicking it with my PV Peeps Vic & Noah, much love y'all!
Trinette Evans

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  • Trinette Evans: Enjoyed Mr. Andre Neal one of the six men panelist. To discuss can men love profoundly... Topic from Author Mary Gilder book "Even a Man Can Have a Broken Heart" 

Clifton Bentley
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  • Clifton Bentley: About to be on a panel of 6 men talking about Love, Relationships and whether men can actually love as profoundly as women. This is in conjunction with Author Mary Gilder's book "Even a man can have a broken heart." On the right is her daughter and organizer Tiera Gilder. This should be fun!!!!! ‪#‎learntolove101‬

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