Recently my eldest daughter and I shared a conversation pertaining to how we both entered 2016 with an unsettling feeling; a heaviness. I found myself feeling as though my mind, body and soul were being weighed down. Not just physically but also emotionally. So much to do, so little time, so little time with so much to do. Have you ever felt that way? Feeling as though life’s expectations and perhaps expectations you manifest, were weighing you down and you’re caught up in an Agenda:

1. Caught up in work
2. Caught up in business
3. Caught up in expectations
4. Caught up in disappointment
5. Caught up in Drama
6. Caught up in procrastination
7. Caught up in regret

And the list could go on and on. Caught up in everything not designed to steer you towards what you have been destined/ordered to be focused on. You are simply caught up, distracted, unfulfilled and warn down on every level. Your conscious continues to remind you to focus; even when you make excuses and re-prioritize to adapt to the craziness; Your assignment is housed within your soul and the guilt associated with your attempts to deflect and rationalize your complacency leaves you exhausted. Recently I read a post that stated, “When I’m doing what I love, what I have been called to do, there are no regrets, just a sense of satisfaction.”

       As I stated earlier, I entered 2016 with a heaviness because towards the end of 2015 I was caught up in everything else except my writing. Being the disciplined writer that I am, I set aside time weekly to focus on my craft. I drive to my “spot” and isolate with my lap top. However, due to being “Caught Up”, I was not staying on task. Most concerning, this behavior was being carried into 2016. And as I previously stated, the guilt manifested as a heaviness on every level. I knew without doubt the prescription was housed in me fleeing to my writing spot. And with each step towards the location, I felt the heaviness lesson. Once I reached my location, organized myself, ordered lunch and opened the lap top, I felt 50 pounds lighter. I was focused and back on track. When you don’t allow yourself to get “Caught Up” in life and you surrender to what you have been ordered to do, you surrender all guilt, fear and excuses that keep you “Caught Up” emotionally and physically heavy.
I realize that this can be challenging however, as you approach this new week focus on what it is you desire, focus on what it is that feeds your spirit… Focus on your assignment. If you have connected with it, then you must obey His instruction and take steps towards it. And as you move forward, with each step you take the pounds will shed. There is no greater investment than being obedient to what you have been called to do.
Love, Peace and Joy,

~~~Author Mary E. Gilder


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