Even A Man Can Have A Broken Heart 

God will hit you with a dose of reality anytime and anyplace. The Ensemble Theater not only show plays but allow the public to also rent rooms to hold events. Yesterday, I worked an event that really blessed me. Mary Gilder, her daughter, Tiera Gilder (whom I thought was her sister) and her mother (she baked a cake from scratch that was grandmother approved). These three generations of black women was promoting a boo...k written by Mary E. Gilder. The name of the book - Even A Man Can Have A Broken Heart-. These three women really supported each other and enjoyed blessing the participants of the book signing event. She spoke on her experiences while writing the book. They also had 6 black men on a panel discussing and answering questions on love and dealing with a broken heart. Not until listening to Ms. Gilder and the panel, I had to admit that I had been going through the healing process of a broken heart. I started reading the book and is definitely a good read. Yes men can also experience a broken heart. I reccommend the Gilder women take this panel book signing event on tour. Be Blessed!

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