True To His Word

Have you ever needed GOD'S assistance with an issue but refused to reach out to HIM because you knew that by doing so, you would be forced to confront your behavior and emotions and perhaps you weren't ready to fully let go? You were not ready to fully let go and let GOD. Recently, I shared a conversation with a friend pertaining to how it takes FAITH and COURAGE to stand on the front line and confront our deepest fears because facing one's reality can be scary. I believe that it can be scary because in doing so, a shift may be needed; a shift in our actions and in our thoughts. However, GOD is true to HIS word. FAITH is about letting go and trusting that GOD will do what it is HE does best. HE can heal your heart and give you a peace that's beyond anything you ever imagined. Let go and let GOD and Never forget that HE is TRUE to HIS word...24/7.~~~Mary E. Gilder

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