For numerous years, I have shared conversations with countless women representing various ethnicities, cultures and social economic levels. And an overwhelmingly commonality shared is a belief that some men lack the capacity to love deeply.

       Even a Man Can Have a Broken Heart was written as a tool to help increase women’s understanding as it pertains to love’s many complexities from a male’s perspective. Also, the goal of this book is to help men gain insight into how their experiences, past and present, may have a direct impact on decisions made each and every day. I interviewed five amazing men and each made an attempt to identify and disclose the various factors, both positive and negative, that have made an impact on their ability to commit, trust, and love profoundly.

       For the purpose of this work, it is not my goal to spend in-depth time assessing my theories that support a particular stance or belief system
       However, I will reveal my stance, which supports the belief that men indeed have the capacity to love just as profoundly as women and do. The way in which their love may manifest and present itself may differ and vary from culture to culture.

       My take is that we were all sent here to learn many life lessons and that our greatest challenge is to tap into what it is our soul desires and to learn how t o open our hearts to love. This is the challenge.  

       I could go on and on, but the sole purpose of this book is to explore the thoughts of my readers and in doing so, I presented a thought-provoking question to a random group of women—women representing various cultures, ethnicities and social economic levels.

       The question was presented and the responses poured in. I present to you the question:

Do you feel that men have the capacity to love profoundly?

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